• Audrey Magazine Features Ferrum


    "I’m a super lazy hair person. I mean, I can spend hours on skin care and makeup, but hair? I wanna just wash and go. It helps that my hair is generally healthy and frizz-free, and that a ponytail or high bun is my look du jour.

    But I will say, my perspective has changed a bit after I got a blow-out at Nelson Chan’s salon a couple months back. My hair looked like it belonged in a Pantene commercial and I’m seriously reconsidering the whole wash and go look.


    Thankfully, as a beauty editor, I have no shortage of tools and gizmos to try out my new look. But flat irons just make my hair look, well, flat and Asian my hair doesn’t take to curling irons very well. But the next level of flat iron technology is now on the market — one that creates smooth, sleek hair that is not stick straight and without flattening.


    The brand new Ferrum Professional Styler uses a VSS System which is a combination of a non-heated padded fabric element and a tourmaline coated ceramic plate. The fabric is a combination of lightweight, anti-static polymers that allows the hair to “breathe” while straightening. This results in a smoothness that resembles a blow-out — sleek but voluminous — not that stick straight, flat-ironed look (that’s so 2002).

    You can also use the Ferrum Professional Styler to curl the hair or give it gentle waves, and because you’re not frying your hair between two heated plates, Ferrum minimizes breakage. To get more info on Ferrum as well as styling tips, go to"

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