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    Professional Hairstylist and Ferrum Inventor Barbara Abbasi Provides Summer Styling Tips for All Hair Types

    Whether your hair is short or long, curly or straight, summer hairstyles can be tricky with hot and humid summer weather. So how can you achieve that perfect summer look for your hair?

    Santa Monica-based American Beauty Hair Salon owner, expert colorist and inventor of the Ferrum Professional Styler Barbara Abbasi provided three perfect summer styling tips.

    Long Straight Hair

    Summer sun will dry out your locks; therefore you need to give it extra attention. If you want straight hair without damaging your locks, my recommendation is the Ferrum Professional Styler ( Ferrums one part non-heated padded fabric element and one part tourmaline coated ceramic plate set it apart from other styling tools. The real distinction of this tool is the fabric padded side. The fabric is a combination of lightweight, anti-static polymers that allows the hair to "breathe" while straightening. The Ferrum styler will allow your hair to retain more of its natural moisture and shine, and will not fry and dry your hair. Along with gentle tools, try to shampoo less and try moisturizing shampoos for healthy summer hair. Also, be sure to trim your ends. Healthy long hair can be achieved with regular trims year round. And summertime is the most important time of year to maintain this routine, with your hair at its driest.

    Wavy Au Natural Look

    Its truea little goes a long way. Try switching to natural products this summer to avoid dry and drab hair when styling. Dab a small amount of product into your hair after showering and wear your hair in a loose braid. Stay away from products that give you more volume and body, resulting in summer frizz. Let your hair air dry and voila. Let your hair loose for the perfect waves.

    Braided Beauty

    Windy beach weather causes split ends and tangling. Best solution? Braid it. After your hair is mostly dry, part your hair to one side and swing your hair around to that side! Take your side ponytail and braid it for a fun and cute summer look.




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