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    The Ferrum Styler flat irons without fail and without frying hair

    , Luxury Lifestyle Examiner – June 1, 2011

    In the world of women who want straight, shiny, sleek hair, one weapon reigns supreme:the flat iron.But not all flat irons are created equal, You can get flat irons in all price points, and even the priciest may not be the most effective, or the kindest to your hair. However, the Ferrum Professional Styler, looks like a sleek, black cougar to conquer your curls and has something I’ve never seen before in a heat styler:a “VSS System” that incorporates a lightweight fabric with specially designed silicone padding,atop one of the tourmaline coated ceramic plates. One plate emits far infrared heat that smooths the frizz and straightens your hair, while ti seals your hairs’ cuticle and locks in moisture, but the other plate, the padded side,doesn’t emit any heat, so it causes less damage to your hair.

    You might intuitively think that two heated plates are better than one, but in the case of the Ferrum Styler, just one plate heats to 450 degrees (that’s a hot iron) and works like a steamroller through your frizz and curls, to straighten, quickly. While you can’t adjust the temperature on this styler, one pass is probably all most people will need, which means less damage to your hair than using a less effective flat iron and having to make several passes to effectively straighten.

    One of the problems curly-haired/frizzy haired people have with many flat irons is that they stick on the hair, causing hair “road bumps” on the way to the end of the strands.But the Ferrum Styler’s plates somehow make it from root to ends, without any sticking at all. This means you don’t have to follow the flat iron down your hair sections with a brush or comb, adding to the probability of breakage. If you heat style your hair frequently, this is something to keep in mind when you’re choosing a flat iron. The Ferrum also seems to add more shine, but perhaps it is just that it does a better job of really smoothing out your hair so the light can be reflected. Another bonus is that if your hair is not quite dry, you can use it to finish what your hair dryer missed. But once your hair really is dry, the Ferrum styler can help you have the shiny, swingy, straight hair you dream of, without making it look too flat.It can also give your ends a gentle curl, thanks to it’s curved body (just flip your wrist as you bring the styler down towards the ends and hold if for a second. The swivel cord makes it easy.

    For those who can’t leave home without it, the Ferrum Styler has universal voltagte. As someone who just came back from Europe not too long ago, this makes the $160.00 price tag for the Ferrum Styler a little easier to justify.  But consider it affordable luxury with convenience.  Converters are expensive and don’t always work, and for Americans at least, purchasing a “disposable” heat styler once at your destination is going to cost you alot more, thanks to a very weak exchange rate. The luxurious flat iron even comes in a sexy, black and pink, hard-sided presentation box. Why not get a flat iron you love, and avoid worrying in the first place? Use the Ferrum, and all your vacation photos will preserve your memories of a great trip, with great hair!

    The Ferrum heat Styler is really good news for anyone who wants totruly take charge of their hair. It’s a product of Ladies and Gentlemen.


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